Can You Claim
Compensation From Your Current Employer?

Before pursuing a claim from your current employer for an accident at work or for a recently diagnosed industrial disease, speak to Mercury Legal. Our personal injury solicitors are also experts in employment law, so they are best placed to give you impartial advice about your circumstance.


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"Can I be sacked for making a claim?"

The short answer is NO - you cannot be dismissed for making a claim against your employer. If you've been hurt, injured or become ill as a result of your job then you cannot be dismissed for bringing a claim against your employer if they have breached their duty of care over you.

If you feel that your employer has treated you unfairly or has breached their duty of care, it is vital that you contact to us immediately, before seeking advice about a claim for you accident or industrial disease diagnosis.

There are not only particular steps that you will need to follow before you can make your claim, but also deadlines for you to make them in. Our solicitors have a great deal of experience in helping people make a claim against their current employer so speak to them free and in confidence, anytime 24/7. They will be able to assist you with sound employment advice.

How our solicitors can help

First and foremost, our employement solicitors will be able to tell you if you have a claim against your employer. They will be able to help you decide if your case is worth pursuing and what you should do next and say to your employer.

Our advice is free, so call 0800 122 3130 or ask for a free call back from one of our advisers, when it is convenient for you.

What happens if they fire me?

Your employer cannot fire you if you are or thinking of making a claim for compensation following your accident. If they do, then you have a clear claim for unfair dismissal.

If your employer makes working difficult and you feel that you need to resign as a result, then you may also have a case for constructive dismissal.

What's my employer's duty of care?

All employers have a duty of care to ensure the safety of their employees. They must: take all reasonable steps to keep you safe from injury whilst at work; provide you with adequate safety training; and carry out risk assessments on the tools you use and the environment you work in.

What shall I do next?

Our employment team are available 24/7. If you work shifts, still recovering in hospital after your accident or need to speak on a weekend, then arrange a free call back that's convenient for you. Time limits apply when making a claim so don't delay and call 0800 122 3130, anytime 24/7 and we will be able to help.

Free, No Obligation Legal Advice

If you have been hurt or injured in an accident at work, or would like to speak to someone about a claim for compensation, call 0800 122 3130 or ask for a free call back today or whenever is convenient for you.