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Need to make Redundancies?

Redundancy is a very difficult and emotive process for both employers and employees. Redundancy is a procedural led process and getting it right and ensuring that the procedure is fair, transparent and risk free is vitally important to avoid costly and time consuming employment tribunal claims for unfair dismissal.

In our extensive experience there are many bear traps in the redundancy process into which employers unwittingly fall such as:-

1. Is there a genuine redundancy as defined by the Employment Rights Act 1996?

2. Has the employer identified the correct pools of employees to be made redundant, and selected the right individuals to go into those pools?

3. Is the employer’s selection criteria fair and non discriminatory?

4. Has the employer meaningfully consulted with the at risk employees?

5. Has the employer considered suitable alternative employment?

For a fixed fee we can support your business through this process to ensure you avoid these bear traps and claims for unfair dismissal.

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